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Bookmaker profits from Virtual Grand National to be handed to NHS

Horseracing in the UK has been suspended indefinitely following the outbreak of coronavirus and the most optimistic prediction has the sport returning to action (behind closed doors) on 1st May, however the biggest blow to the betting industry has been the decision to cancel the 2020 Randox Health Grand National.

This was clearly the correct thing to do given the circumstances and ITV are doing their bit to fill the void by airing a Virtual Grand National at 5pm on Saturday 4th April, using the latest CGI technology and special algorithms.

The Virtual Grand National first took place in 2017 and thus far it has proven to be remarkably accurate, however it could go some way to determining whether Tiger Roll would have managed a third successive win in the famous steeplechase this weekend.

This Virtual Grand National will certainly be the closest that we can get to creating a moment in which everyone can come together in celebration, both for the sake of one of the world’s greatest sporting occasions and in terms of helping the NHS heroes that are risking their lives on the front line to keep the public safe.

Millions in the UK love a bet on the Grand National and in 2020 the big winner will be the NHS thanks to the decision by the leading bookmakers to gift profits from the virtual race to NHS Charities Together.

An agreement has been reached with NHS Charities Together in that stakes are to be limited to a maximum of £10 on each runner or £10 E/W per horse. As well as this, the Tote will provide a pool on the virtual race and will donate all of their own profits from the race to charity.

Generally speaking, many people have their sole bet of the year on the Grand National, however if they opt to transfer their allegiance to the virtual race, then they could play a part in helping raise a massive amount for charity.