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Ring of steel to be thrown around Aintree for Grand National

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Ring of steel to be thrown around Aintree for Grand National


In 2023, animal rights protestors caused mayhem at the Grand National by delaying the start of the race and Merseyside Police have made it clear that they won’t be tolerating a repeat of the chaos in the 2024 renewal on Saturday afternoon.



Animal Rising Group was responsible for delaying the start of the 2023 Grand National and likely causing stress to the horses, however Aintree Racecourse are working closely with Merseyside Police to ensure that there are no disturbances at this year’s event. The police have made it clear that they will be acting robustly with any criminal activity at Aintree, including anti-social behaviour, disorder and deliberate disruption to the race.


Undercover Police

It is understood that undercover police offices will be mingling with the crowds in all areas of the racecourse and the police presence will include armed officers who will take part in what is the biggest security operation at the Grand National since the IRA bomb threat almost three decades ago.


Small Minority

Over 150,000 racegoers will descend upon Aintree for the three-day festival and the vast majority of these will be well behaved, however there is always a danger that a small minority will use their actions to spoil the event for everyone else. The police will be going all-out to ensure that this doesn’t prove to be the case.


Specially Trained

Matthew Moscrop, Superintendent for Merseyside Police, said: “We will be deploying Project Servator officers in uniform and plain-clothes.

“These officers are specially trained to spot the tell-tale signs that someone may have criminal intent, such as gathering information that may help them plan or prepare to commit a crime.

“These deployments will appear at any time in and around the area of the racecourse, but the public should not be alarmed by this.

“Officers will be encouraging racegoers to help us make this a safe and enjoyable event by being our extra eyes and ears and to report anything suspicious to us.”